You benefit from a large choice of wellness massages (siam oil, hawaïen lomi lomi, meditative, swedish-sport-deep tissue, hot stones, face and scalp relaxation, traditional thai yoga massage on a floor mat) and natural therapies (reflexology, reiki, acupressure and qi gong tuina, dmoka, cupping, life coaching).

Depending on your mood and needs, we adapt the lighting, background music, the way of massaging, with the possibility of combining different techniques.

We are pleased to welcome you by appointment to our practices based in Callian, canton de Fayence, 83 (from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), and in Saint Laurent du Var, 06 (from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 8pm).

We also offer our services in the comfort of your premises (villa, hotel, yacht,…) 7 days a week, from 9am to 10pm, in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var, from Menton to St Tropez.

Our professional equipment and accessories are of the highest quality (details below).

  • 80 cm wide professional Oakworks Athlet massage table,
  • Adjustable facerest frame for optimal positioning,
  • Boiance face cradle pillow with exclusive water spheres within the multi-layer foam cushioning that supports your face and the weight of your head, avoiding all pressure on your eyes and sinus cavities while lying face down for extended periods,
  • Heating blanket with adjustable temperature placed under the table fitted sheet,
  • Premium flannel massage sheets,
  • Semi-round bolster to support your knees and ankles,
  • Hot towel and hot stones warmer cabinet,
  • Handmade cotton and virgin wool futon and memory foam cushion for nuad bo’rarn thai massage done on the floor,
  • Natural organic plant-based massage oils (almond, jojoba, macadamia, coconut,…) which can be mixed with essential oils depending on your needs.

Your practitioners

Wellness massages and reflexology practitioner

Having spent a few years working in the fitness and culinary industries in Bangkok, I decided to further my passion for well-being by enrolling in the Wat Po thai traditional medical school.
After finishing the course in Thailand, I complemented my training with several workshops in France.
I can now offer treatments combining the characteristics of eastern and western cultures, providing a sense of service and spirituality in an adaptable and professional way.
Used to working with an international and discerning clientele, I am specialized in sport and deep tissue massages.

Wellness massages and natural therapies practitioner / teacher

I organize my life around several passions: personal growth of individuals, art of touch, new technologies, happiness and quality of life at work, development of aptitudes to better self-knowledge and the ability of living together.
In France, in Thailand, I had the chance to receive high quality classes In wellness massages and natural therapies, to act as a freelance in exceptional spas, to animate many workshops.
Well-being in a broad sense is above all a pleasure, an art of living, that I wish to continue to discover, to make discover and to transmit, with gentleness and benevolence.

In addition to our services, which you will find in detail below, we have selected for you a team of well-being professionals (nutrition, naturopathy, yoga, qi gong, Tao game, sophrology, meditation, coaching, psychology, well-being massages, osteopathy, traditional chinese medicine, …).

Our team respond to your requests for outside services on the French Riviera (Alpes-Maritimes and Var), from Menton to St Tropez.

Wellness massages

Signature massage, mainly inspired by Californian, Indian Ayurvedic, Hawaiian lomi lomi and traditional Thai massage (nuad bo’rarn, foot reflexology). The touch is both subtle and deep, with fluid and harmonious movements, accompanied by gentle pressures, sometimes deeper, focusing on the lines of energies of your body and the most tense muscle zones. The sequences follow one another on your back, your legs, your feet, your arms, your hands, your shoulders and your neck. The session ends with a face and scalp massage. Particularly effective for relaxation, releasing your physical and emotional tensions. Received in disposable undergarment (provided by us) on a massage table, with the use of organic vegetable and essential oils.

This traditional Hawaiian massage is a wonderful invitation to a journey with your senses. It is practiced in the spirit of Aloha (tolerance, respect, compassion, …), the Huna philosophy (which connects the body, the heart and the soul) and the Ho’oponopono tradition (ritual of forgiveness and reconciliation, path to unitary consciousness). The feeling is close to a 4 hands massage, which helps you to let go. Soft waves move above and below your body, alternating slow and relaxing rhythms, or fast and invigorating, depending on your needs and on the intuition of your practitioner. Each session is unique and personalized. Large, fluid movements of the forearms and hands alleviate your tensions, promoting harmonization, reconnection to yourself and the present moment. Received in disposable undergarment (provided by us) on a massage table (a specific coating is used to allow a better sliding), with the use of organic vegetable and essential oils.

This massage is a meditative experience accompanied by touch, encountering your body memories. A space of receptivity, of non-action, of non-intention, which invites you to taste meditation in another way. It accompanies you towards the most beautiful journey that is, towards yourself. The rhythm is slow, punctuated by moments of immobility and faster gestures. The touch is soft enveloping and conscious, sometimes stronger. The key word is presence. Intuitive but structured, it goes from the top of your head to the tip of your feet on the back side, then from the tip of your feet to the tip of your hair on the front side, in the axis of your spine.

Before the massage there is a moment of preparation, a dialogue, to set the framework, to enter into connection, first with yourself, and then with the other. It is a first phase of meditation before receiving the massage.

During the massage, you can experience awareness on a body, energetic and emotional level. Reconnect with your body heart and soul, rebalance your energies, increase your self-esteem, learn to better manage your emotions. Welcome your sensations and feelings in the joy of the present moment, in a relaxing state, in a space of restorative benevolence, non-intention and non-judgment, a secure setting allowing you to let go. Each session is unique, personalized and includes moments of stillness. The globalization of the body schema and the energetic circulation are very important.

After the massage, you are invited to a moment of rest and integration, and then to a verbal sharing to put words on the experience.

This meditative massage is practiced on a massage table with organic vegetable oils. In order to explore an extreme slowness and an increased state of consciousness, the minimum duration is 1h30, ideally 2h.

Particularly recommended if you are sporty and / or accustomed to strong pressure massage. The techniques used are done at a progressive pace, with a slow or dynamic motion, in a state of active listening to the needs and limits of your body. A special attention is paid to your shoulders, back and legs, emphasizing on adhesions, knotted and painful areas. At the same time bracing and relaxing, it promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, flexibility, drainage of acid deposits that harden your muscles and tendons while limiting their movements. Received in disposable underwear (provided by us) on a massage table, with the use of organic vegetable and essential oils.

The basalt pebbles (volcanic rock) are used in addition to a massage with oils (siam, lomi lomi or sport / deep-tissue). This is a tradition to be found in many ancestral cultures, from America to Indonesia, from Hawaii to Tahiti, from the Nordic countries to Tibet. The heat allows the hot stones smoothly slipped on the skin to act in depth and act more effectively against your aches. This approach is particularly recommended when your muscles are contracted due to stress or a bad position. Received in disposable underwear (provided by us) on a massage table, with the use of organic vegetable and essential oils.

Multiple influences for this relaxing massage: Indian (Ayurveda with shirotchampi) and Chinese (tuina, meridians); but also Japanese (shiatsu, kobido), Thai (nuad bo’rarn), Vietnamese (facial reflexology dien cham) and Western (chair amma  massage, derived from shiatsu). Pure happiness and relaxation for your shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Depending on your expectations, an oil can be applied to your hair. Received on a massage table, your upper body undressed, with the use of organic vegetable and essential oils.

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient discipline that draws from many sources including Indian ayurvedic, yoga, Japanese shiatsu and traditional Chinese massage (nuad=massage, bo-rarn=ancient). The techniques use the thumbs, palms, hands, elbows, knees and feet to apply varying amounts of pressure as well as stretching, kneading, tapping in a well ordered structure. Stretching and extending the range of motion of your body are an important part of Thai massage. It often takes the form of double or assisted yoga (that is the reason why nuad bo’rarn is sometimes named “Thai yoga massage“). The essential purpose is to obtain or re-establish the right flux of energy within your body. The effects are preventive and soothing. This ancient wholistic approach strives to promote wellness and vitality by helping your body return to a state of balance, harmony, flexibility and healthMultiple benefits include release of muscular tension and stiffness, suppleness and stimulation of the digestive system as well as improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Apart from being relaxing yet energizing, Thai traditional massage is also believed to help with detoxification, bolstering your immune system, calming muscular pains and of course soothing ordinary muscular aches from sport or other activities. It is practiced on a floor mat while you are comfortably dressed in soft loose cotton clothing. We recommend a minimum duration of 1h30 to enjoy it fully.

Natural therapies

This wonderfully relaxing and effective approach is to stimulate the reflex zones that each correspond to a part of your body. This natural therapy stimulates your blood and lymphatic circulation, helps improve your overall health and restore harmony in your body by detecting and correcting imbalances. It is particularly recommended for relieving headaches, sinusitis, back pain, constipation, stress and asthma. A minimum of 30 minutes after a meal is recommended before benefiting. Received on a massage table, your legs undressed. A blend of organic vegetable and essential oils is applied from your feet to your knees. A wooden stick is used punctually for more efficiency.

This Japanese practice combining meditation and relaxing touch can be translated as “spiritually guided life force energy”. Your practitioner successively places his hands (with or without contact) on several parts of your body, from head to foot, following your main energy centers and sometimes focusing on acupressure points. Each position is held for between 3-5 minutes. Slow and gentle movements focused on your fascias (envelopes of your muscles and organs) can be provided in addition. It’s an extremely pleasant moment, a deep relaxation. Most of the time, you feel a sensation of gentle warmth from your practitioner’s hands. The benefits are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Particularly recommended in case of stress or anxiety, it can complement and reinforce the effects of other therapies or treatments. Reiki may also be part of a personal development process. Received fully clothed on a massage table, or in disposable underwear (provided by us) if combined with a wellness oil massage.

This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice is a combination of acupressure points (acupuncture without needles) and Tuina Qi Gong (massages and energetic movements), adapted to your needs, following the approach of Pr Bai Yunqiao.

Qi Gong means “energy work”. This term refers to methods of movement, breathing and postures practiced in China with the aim of maintaining health.

Tuina literally means “Pushing and Grasping”, two massage techniques. Tuina refers to the traditional Chinese therapeutic massage.

Qi Gong Tuina means “Energy Massage”. It is a method of Chinese massage, using Qi Qong as a tool or as a complement.

Before starting the session, the practitioner performs a diagnosis regarding your demand: general observation (especially of your tongue), questions, palpations (especially by taking your pulse).

Then he starts the personalized session by massaging you or by positioning his hand, thumb or middle finger on different acupressure points, according to the determined protocol, adapted to your needs and expectations.

Received fully clothed on a massage table, or in disposable underwear (provided by us) if combined with a wellness oil massage.

Dmoka is a french acronym standing for “Déprogrammation ou Désensibilisation par les Mouvements Oculaires, Kinesthésiques et Auditifs”, meaning Deprogramming or Desensitization by Ocular, Kinesthetic and Auditory Movements. It is a brief neuro-emotional therapy, inspired by yoga for eyes, orthoptics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis. It is remarkable for its speed and efficiency in liberating recurrent stress states, phobias, depressions, affective dependencies, addictions, somatic manifestations, etc. This method makes it possible to deactivate and desensitize traumatic shocks that remained in memory, to integrate painful experiences, to get out of recurring patterns and limiting beliefs, to anchor inner resources and capacities. Received sitting on a chair, a large cushion placed on your lap. A minimum duration of 1h30 is necessary to fully enjoy a session.

In glass (heated by a flame), plastic (with a pump) or silicone (manual pressure), the suction cups are positioned on specific areas of your back, arms, belly or legs, in static or in motion. Decompression following the air vacuum of the suction cup induces aspiration of the skin and an influx of blood. The local vascularization caused contributes to the improvement of the blood and lymphatic circulation, to the repair of deep tissues, to the recovery of tired muscles. It also helps to relieve congestion, eliminate stress, accumulated tension and toxins. This setting in motion acts both on the surface and in depth or at a distance, because skin, viscera, muscles, fasciae and nerves are interconnected. Suction cups also act on acupuncture points and stagnations of cold, fire, wind, dryness or humidity, considered by Chinese medicine as imbalances responsible for diseases. This approach can be used in addition to a well-being oil massage. Received in disposable underwear (provided by us) on a massage table, with the use of organic vegetable and essential oils.

The intention is to accompany you with presence and benevolence, according to your objectives and your needs, at your own pace, on your personal and / or professional development journey, promoting your empowerment. A set of tools and keys, coming from training and experience, are offered to help you reconnect with your inner resources, unlock your potential, open up and feel better in all areas of your life. A few examples of topics that are covered: stress, anxiety and conflict management, emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, confidence and self-esteem, etc. The sessions are face-to-face but can also be conducted by phone or Skype. When face-to-face, they can be combined with a wellness massage or a natural therapy such as reflexology or reiki.

The different techniques of well-being and relaxation offered here should be considered as complementary to existing medical treatments or physiotherapy sessions, not as a replacement. If in doubt about any side effects or contraindications from these approaches, please consult your medical doctor.


Our wellness area, Callian or SLV (1) 60 mn 90 mn 120 mn
Wellness massages 80 120 150
Natural therapies 70 100 130

Outside services, canton de Fayence (2)

60 mn 90 mn 120 mn
Wellness massages 100 140 180
Natural therapies 90 130 170

Outside services, Nice to St Raphaël (3)

60 mn 90 mn 120 mn
Wellness massages 110 150 190
Natural therapies 100 140 180

Outside services, Menton to St Tropez (4)

  90 mn 120 mn
Wellness massages   180 220
Natural therapies   170 210

These rates, indicated in €, are TTC (inclusive of taxes) and per person.
Payment of our services is made in cash or by bank checks (French or Monegasque banks).
“Well-being” gift vouchers (wellness massages and natural therapies) are available in the Shop section.
Loyalty rewarded: we are pleased to offer our regular customers preferential rates depending on the number and / or frequency of care.
For tailor-made services (companies, parties, events, …), please contact us for a quote.

(1) By appointment in our Zen spaces in Callian and Saint Laurent du Var, for a minimum duration of 60 minutes. Organic herbal tea offered for every service delivered in our practice. If you want to visit the charming medieval village of Callian and the beautiful region of canton de Fayence, it will be a pleasure for us to inform you about the available activities (gliding, pedalo on the lake, bird watching, biking or walking in the forest, horse riding, provencal market, …) and about the best local restaurants.

(2) In the place of your choice (villa, apartment, hotel, campsite, bed and breakfast, …) in the canton de Fayence area, for a minimum duration of 60 minutes. Travel expenses are included for Montauroux, Callian, Tourrettes, Fayence, Seillans. A supplement may be added depending on the location (Bagnols en forêt, Mons, Saint Paul en forêt, Tanneron), the total duration of the intervention and on your schedule (night rates).

(3) In the place of your choice (villa, apartment, hotel, yacht, …) in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var between Nice and St Raphael, for a minimum duration of 60 minutes. Travel expenses are included for Nice, Saint Laurent du Var, Cagnes sur Mer, Villeneuve-Loubet, Antibes, Cannes, Fréjus, St Raphaël, Roquebrune sur Argens, Callas, Bargemon, Draguignan. A supplement may be added depending on the location, the total duration of the intervention and on your schedule (night rates).

(4) In the place of your choice between Menton and Saint Tropez, for a minimum duration of 90 minutes. Travel expenses are included for Menton, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Monaco, Cap d’Ail, Eze, Beaulieu sur Mer, Villefranche sur Mer, St Maxime, Grimaud, St Tropez, Ramatuelle, La Croix-Valmer, Gigaro. A supplement may be added depending on the location, total duration and schedule (night rates).



By promoting well-being and quality of life at work, your company has everything to gain:

  • Team cohesion, sense of belonging, better mutual trust.
  • Limitation of stress, prevention of burnout.
  • Reduction of absenteeism, demotivation and turnover.
  • Ability to attract and retain talents.
  • Greater satisfaction of your customers who are interacting with employees giving the very best of themselves.
  • Better image and reputation.

« A good place to work is a place where you trust your leaders, you are proud of your work and you value your colleagues. » (Robert Levering, co-founder of Great Place to Work®).

  • Celebrating is a way of creating conviviality in the company and to develop human relations informally. Learning to know oneself beyond the professional context also makes it possible to reinforce the professional links, the team spirit, by appealing to other levers of a more personal order.
  • Communicating: Design and implement mechanisms that make information transparent, explicit and accessible. Holding information should no longer be an issue of power, but a means of positively associating employees with the projects and actions of the company.
  • Listening and involving: Listening is both paying attention to what someone says to hear and understand, agreeing to hear what he has to say, but also to consider what ‘he says. This includes the practice of active listening.
  • Taking part in the personal growth of your employees is a strong and motivating act of recognition that allows each employee to commit to the long term by giving the best of himself. Continuing education, professional and personal development contribute significantly.
  • Inspiring: To give meaning to the action, to explain to the collaborators how each contributes to the achievement of the global objectives, to encourage each one to give the best of himself, to accompany the difficulties.
  • Sharing: This dimension is characterized by the search for equity and the recognition of the contribution of each individual. Beyond the financial aspect, this dimension addresses the question of the social responsibility of the company regarding its ecosystem.
  • Paying attention: This concept characterizes all the benevolence of a company towards its employees through practices facilitating their work life, supporting them when they are in difficulty, ensuring the reconciliation of life time, … All factors of well-being, working in a healthy and human environment.
  • Recruiting and integrating: The match between the candidate and the company culture is an essential aspect validated before the two parties commit to each other. Ensuring the successful integration of the employee into their new work environment is just as crucial.
  • Thanking: According to research in neuroscience, receiving or testifying recognition stimulates dopamine, the hormone of well-being and fulfillment.

Improving the physical and psychological well-being of your employees is one of the levers for happiness at work.

Whatever your objectives, we can accompany you by building a tailor-made offer of services around well-being at work, consisting of preventive or curative actions, whether ad hoc or recurring, in the premises of your company or outdoors.

  • Wellness Workshops: nutrition, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, do-in, meditation, non-violent communication, active listening, emotional intelligence, stress and conflict management, …
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses: stress reduction protocol through mindfulness meditation with a qualified instructor.
  • Tao Game: Concrete and fun tools to better understand, communicate, cooperate, co-create, decide and engage together.
  • Team building sessions in nature working on mutual aid, kindness, collaborative spirit.
  • Mutualized chief happiness officer: timesharing between several companies.
  • Chair massage (amma): a seated massage that is short (10 or 20 minutes) and focuses on your back, neck, shoulders and arms. Done over clothes, it doesn’t require any massage oil. Particularly well suited for corporate party or event.
  • Wellness services: reflexology, scalp and face, osteopathy, sophrology, …
  • Personalized coaching and personal development program tailored to the needs of each of your employees.
  • Psio glasses: innovative device for relaxation and light therapy.
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback technologies.
  • Assisting your company in creating a dedicated space for workshop animations, wellness services, self-service activities (such as personalized sessions from 10 to 15 minutes with the psio glasses for example).
  • Consulting in equipment acquisition and site management.
  • Consulting service in choosing an innovative digital solution that promotes well-being and quality of life at work.
  • Assistance in the implementation, training and monitoring of its use.

We invite you to contact us  to discuss your needs, your goals. We will do our best to answer them, by establishing a personalized quote.


Whether you are a company wishing to introduce a well-being dimension to a corporate event, or an individual, our services can meet your expectations: wellness and chair massages, natural therapies, well-being workshops (nutrition, yoga, qi gong, meditation, sophrology, neurofeedback, …).

We can also work in collaboration with event professionals rigorously selected to offer you a global offer (organic catering, theme show, equipment rental, …).

We invite you to  contact us to discuss your needs in order to establish a personalized quote.